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Various Activities conducted for Students in Lockdown Period

  • Online Teaching of Advanced / Latest Programming Languages

  • All first year and second year MCA students were contacted by mentors (faculty) over phone to motivate the students to participate in online teaching and learning activities conducted by college as value addition to the students.

  • For MCA 1st Year 2nd Semester students Video lectures & PPTs were shared and also exams andquizzes are conducted using Google forms in concerned subjects, regularly taking feedback for students for better outcome.

  • Model question papers & previous year question papers and Lecture Notes are shared to the MCA IV semester students.

  • Motivated the faculty and also students to do the current technologies through online based on interested and competencies by dividing into smaller focused groups.

  • English communication training is initiated through Google classroom with the support of English faculty.

  • Motivated the MCA IV Semester students to learn BDA tools and Data Science.

  • An action plan is designed & implemented for the next two months, every Monday a conference call with all faculty is scheduled for monitoring.

  • RUST Programming language learning group is started.

  • Online CRT Training for MCA 2nd Year students has started using previous Aptitude and English Materials by adding Aptitude & English trainers also in this process. We are using for online training. The students are practicing model papers of TCS-NQT, Capgemini, TCS CodeVita and InfyTQ.
With all the above activities we trying to reach students and in turn their parents as SVES is best place for education even in the current situation by the esteemed guidence of SVES Managment.

Detailed Activities

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MCA II & IV Semester Learning Content
Course Semester Learning Activities
MCA II & IV Semester Learning Activities-I
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